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Site Revision on CMS Wordpress

Don't know where to start?? Get a free audit of your website on Wordpress in a convenient presentation format by simply leaving an application!

Wordpress - it's one of the most popular and sought-after CMS for creating websites. This is an excellent platform for online stores, city and corporate portals. It attracts a simple and convenient admin panel, which will take only a few days to master. Allows to achieve excellent results in seo-promotion and content optimization.

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Why do you need a revision

When creating a web resource, it may seem that its programming is not necessary, and you can do quite well with ready-made add-ons. But when launching the online store, there is a feeling that something is missing, something you want to improve or expand the existing capabilities. In such cases, the help of a professional is required, because independent attempts can ruin the site and its owner just wastes his time.

Website revision is necessary when updating content.
How do you know if your site needs to be improved?

Revision of the online store includes:

  • conducting a technical audit;
  • web resource redesign, creating a unique and attractive image;
  • search for bugs and their timely elimination;
  • work with content (writing relevant information, posting photos, update information);
  • refinement and expansion of the functionality of the site;
  • transfer of the online site to another platform;
  • optimizing the structure for the convenience of visitors;
  • improvement of the speed;
  • carrying out restoration work.

Choose a convenient tariff for you

* Support types in tariffs are interchangeable, you can refuse from one of the available types of support and choose the desired one.

  • For one-time payment for a year you get a 15% discount.
  • For one-time payment for six months you get a 10% discount.
  • For a one-time payment for three months you get a 5% discount.

Hire employees or contact us?


At least 5 employees

are needed for the full operation of the site

"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


At least £500

Salary of one employee, specialist


But employees are needed on an as-needed basis,

not all the time


From £2500

You will need to pay + taxes for each salary


£250 per month

You pay a fixed amount each month


You get specialists

in all areas you need


When you need them

For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

i.e. official expense to the company!

The main directions  of revision

We work in the following main directions:


Defining and setting tasks,  which are taken as a basis for the terms of reference.


Testing of the online store.  Before proceeding to refinement, it is necessary to test the site, which will reveal bugs, improperly working plugins, as well as determine the effectiveness of the hosting.


Redesign.  This is one of the main tasks that occurs every few years. This is due to changes in trends, market and fashion. For the site to meet them, it needs to be improved and updated.


Blog layout editing.  We'll help you make the right rearrangements, design menus and content beautifully, and think through every little detail.


Improve the usability of the resource.  It's not enough to make the store look nice, it should arouse interest among potential buyers, build trust and stimulate demand.


New features.  Sometimes a site lacks certain features that would have a positive effect on its functioning. For example, there may be no feedback form for making requests or a sitemap for indexing by search engines.


Installing plugins and setting them up.  This is one of the important tasks. With the right plugin, you can protect the site from hacker attacks or make an attractive slideshow. And that's not all the possibilities.


Improving the performance of the resource.  If the site is loaded slowly, it will have a negative impact on its promotion by search engines. Buyers also will not stay long in such an online store. Correct such a problem by caching pages.


Transferring a site to another platform.  If you decide to move to another CMS, specialists will do all the necessary work to transfer the content. The task implies creating a new site with preservation of the existing information.


Virus Removal.  The presence of viruses can be a serious problem. If they are not detected in time, there may be a great threat to the site. Various solutions are used to eliminate viruses and site vulnerabilities.


Updating information.  Up-to-date and quality content plays an important role. A filled site with a beautiful design will attract the attention of visitors and encourage them to leave requests. Specialists make sure the information is updated in a timely manner, edit texts, upload appropriate photos and videos.

Excellent quality, timely performance of work, openness with clients - the main principles of our work.

Our benefits

Deciding to modify your site on Wordpress, it is worth realizing that dramatic and effective changes are possible only with the involvement of real professionals. To carry out the work you will need to have knowledge in CSS, HTML, have an idea of web design, understand programming languages.

We offer revision of any resources, from small blogs to large and famous online stores, corporate sites. During the work different templates and modules are involved.

Revision Wordpress

Specialists will conduct a complete analysis of the resource performance, identify existing problems and deficiencies, and eliminate them in a timely manner.

Each particular case of improvement involves a specific set of tasks and tools, but the main goal is to create and maintain an attractive image, attracting the target audience and keeping their attention, constantly improving the quality of content and enhancing usability.

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