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Opencart technical support

Most sites, namely online stores, are created on the well-known free platform OpenCart. It is a clear and fast system with a minimum number of requirements.

E-commerce today is considered very popular. A lot of sales are made through the Internet, because it is much more convenient and faster. Now it is not necessary to go out of the house to explore the market of goods, compare prices, and choose more suitable goods. That's why the creation of an online store - a good idea. However, not every web resource can last for a long time and resist competitors. The main reason for failure is associated with the lack of a detailed policy of maintaining and promoting the site.

Opencart technical support
Opencart technical support

Under the support of the site involve a variety of services, which are divided into several groups. Especially important is the information and technical support to the resource. If information work is regular, the technical one can be one-time or periodic (as problems arise). In this category of services may include: updating of plug-ins, checking for bugs and fixing them, backups, adding new features.

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At least 5 employees

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"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


At least £500

Salary of one employee, specialist


But employees are needed on an as-needed basis,

not all the time


From £2500

You will need to pay + taxes for each salary


£250 per month

You pay a fixed amount each month


You get specialists

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For only £250 per month.


Cashless payment

i.e. official expense to the company!

Make your website faster and more efficient while maintaining its usability!

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Features of technical support

Unfortunately, there are no timeless software solutions and no universal CMS. Regardless of which platform you choose, the site will need timely upgrades and updates. A set of standard services includes design updates, working with content, finding new hosting, solving programming problems and challenges.

Site maintenance on any CMS

To ensure maximum security and data protection, it is worth taking care to regularly update and improve the functionality of the online store. Do not underestimate the importance of a technical support site, as if there are problems and failures, all attempts to promote and develop it will be meaningless. Under the technical optimization of a web resource means adjusting its functionality, which will improve the perception of search engines. Additionally a set of other measures perform, having a positive effect on the indexing of pages . So, to ensure that the site is always in line and holds the first positions in search engines, as well as justify the expectations of the owner and bring profits, it needs professional support. His stuffing and interface must comply with technical modern requirements. Only with this approach the online store can function with the greatest impact.

Technical support includes the following services:

  • Programming of new modules and functions. Expanding functionality and adding controls, which will make the resource more convenient and understandable for the administrator and customers;
  • Backup. Necessary in case of force majeure. Conducted with a certain periodicity;
  • Protection against viruses. No site may be completely insured against viruses. Specialists monitor the presence of malicious code and eliminate it in a timely manner;
  • Hack prevention. Online venues are often attacked by bots, who look for vulnerabilities in the system and try to hack it. Technical support is responsible for data security and integrity;
  • Regular software and plugin updates;
  • Making the necessary changes in HTML and PHP code;
  • Monitoring the state of hosting and domains, their timely updates.
Opencart technical support
Opencart technical support

If you need technical support, you can contact us. We have real professionals working for us. With us you can have no doubt in the uninterrupted functioning of the web resource and competitiveness of the online store.

Choose a convenient tariff for you

* Support types in tariffs are interchangeable, you can refuse from one of the available types of support and choose the desired one.

  • For one-time payment for a year you get a 15% discount.
  • For one-time payment for six months you get a 10% discount.
  • For a one-time payment for three months you get a 5% discount.

How profitable it is

Owners of online stores ask themselves the question, what is better, to entrust technical support to professionals or do it yourself? In the last case, there is a risk of encountering such problems as lack of efficiency, long time costs that do not lead to any result, damaging the web resource (damage to the code, getting under the filter).

By taking advantage of professional technical support, the customer can count on:

  • constant growth of conversions;
  • data security and safety;
  • quick detection and elimination of bugs;
  • maximum return on investment with minimum time and money expenditures.

Who needs technical support

The service is relevant for:

  • new online stores. If you are just starting online trading, it is important to exclude possible bugs in the creation and promotion of the site;
  • for web resources in need of modernization. Periodically, the online store should be updated, improve its performance, update the design;
  • for online stores in need to expand functionality. It is about introducing innovations and new "chips".