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Creating and maintaining social networks

Comprehensive services for businesses to create
and maintenance of social networks:
Facebook, Instagram

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Social networks such as Instagram and Facebook are very popular. For many, they are more than just a platform for socializing and posting photos and videos. Popular accounts can bring in profits for their owners. These can be pages of stores, bloggers, themed publishers.

Social networks

To promote your group or page, you need to regularly create interesting content that will attract a large number of subscribers. You will also need to develop a plan, make posts, publish them and other work related to promotion. All this requires a lot of effort and a lot of time. In such situations, it is advisable to entrust the creation and maintenance of social networks to professionals.

Social networks

Quick Overview

  • 2.67 billion users;
  • 74% of Facebook users have high income;
  • 1.62 billion users visit Facebook every day;
  • Facebook Stories are viewed by 300 million people every day.
  • 1.1 billion users;
  • Instagram is the sixth most visited site;
  • 130 million users click on product posts per month;
  • 60% of users search for products and services.

Our services

Our team consists of professionals who will make your social networks interesting and useful for your subscribers

Our responsibilities include the following tasks:


Filling groups.  Employees are ready to do all the routine work associated with the publication of material, making a content plan, compliance with the regularity of publication, determining the time when the target audience is most active.


Community moderation.  Posting alone is not enough to maintain and promote groups and accounts. To increase the asset, it is important to maintain order: delete spam, respond promptly to negativity, monitor audience questions and provide timely answers.


Individual approach to each client.  We do not work according to a template, but develop a plan for each customer individually, taking into account his wishes, target audience and data about competitors.

We adhere to the following principles:


Clear KPIs.   Our task is to achieve a good result. The client will be able to get all the information on the number of subscribers, engagement, reach, traffic. Employees make regular progress reports based on personal analytical tools and social media statistics.


Uniqueness.  We don't use stock images or copy text from other sources. Experienced copywriters, designers work with each project to prepare unique content.


"White" ways of promotion.   Our staff do not use methods such as massfollowing, massliking, do not buy subscribers and do not resort to other similar actions that may adversely affect the promotion. We use only those tools that allow you to achieve positive dynamics.

Spread the word about your business on social networks! Attract new loyal customers.

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What the client gets as a result:

  • new customers/visitors/subscribers;
  • good brand reputation (personal or corporate);
  • active audience;
  • established feedback;
  • detailed plan for the new period;
  • a unified style of page;
  • identification and elimination of weaknesses.

Only a competent and professional approach will achieve good and fast results.

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At least 5 employees

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"Web Programmer", "SEO Specialist", "Advertising Manager", "Designer" and "Content Manager"


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Salary of one employee, specialist


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