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Maintaining the site on Wordpress

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Wordpress - the most popular CMS, which attracts an intuitive interface. No special skills are required to manage the site.

Control Panel

To access the site control panel, go to http://your_address/admin or http://your_address/wp-admin. To log in, you must enter your login and password. A newcomer should learn:

  • Change password. On the left is the key "Users". After clicking on the name of the administrator, you need to click on the account management button and enter a new code.
  • Change the name and address of the site. This action is in the "Settings" section.
  • Add content. Section "Records" comes in handy. In the editor, select the tab "Visually". After clicking on "Publish" the article will appear on the page.
  • Add Catalog. "Recordings" → "Catalog" → "Properties" → "Tags". Be sure to prescribe the name of the tag.
  • Set up the menu. It is necessary to select in the panel "Appearance".
  • Set the counter of visitors. You need to go into Yandex.Metric and click on "Add counter". In the column "The URL of a site" is written only the URL. After saving, copy the code and add it to the "Header and Footer".
  • The WPGrabber plugin allows you to update the feed once every two hours.
  • Integrate advertising. You'll need a section called "Quick Adsense". It is installed through the "Plugins".
  • Add social links. "Appearance" → "Customize" → "Profits-Blog Options".
Site maintenance on any CMS

Some of these items will already be configured if the administrator did not create the site, and bought a ready-made.

Site Protection

Although Wordpress is the most popular management system in the world, it is vulnerable to hacks and virus attacks. Available methods of protection are:

  • updating the kernel;
  • creating periodic backups;
  • tightening your password recovery policy;
  • installing programs that do not allow password resetting.

The main danger is posed by plug-ins downloaded from publicly available sources. In addition, they do not update themselves.

Site password recovery

SEO promotion on Wordpress

The site is not ready to be promoted immediately after creation, additional settings are required. It is better to download the theme from Wordpress, not from a third-party source. It should be combined with a SEO plugin, which will allow you to enter meta tags and interrupt the indexing of unnecessary pages. Yoast SEO is the most popular, it gives access to micro-patterning.

It is important to correctly fill in robots.txt, the requirements are posted on the official sites of Yandex or Google. Yandex.Webmaster allows you to test the correctness of the filling with the help of "Analysis of robots.txt". When publishing content it is worth paying attention not only to the title, but also to subheadings, lists and quotes.

Admin Tips

The site can work in automatic mode, but the manager must still systematically carry out technical work. It is worth removing useless objects, if the hosting provides a limit on the volume. Unnecessary media files make it difficult to find useful ones. Unused themes and plugins can become a loophole for hackers. Also, all non-functional links giving a 404 error are removed. They undermine the authority of the store in the eyes of customers.

The site is necessarily adapted for smartphones. You can check that it is displayed correctly on Yandex.Webmaster. If the check fails, you can change the theme or plugin. It's convenient to bind sites to social networks.

Removing spam manually is not effective, it is better to install a special plugin. You should also regularly review the analytics and conduct an audit of the content of the site. You may be able to find old but relevant posts and publish them again.

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