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Restoring a site on Opencart

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The site is restored via a backup. It is recommended to make backups regularly and before each important prosess, such as importing products, generating texts. Site settings and all important parameters are in the database.

How to create and restore a backup

First way.

There are two options. The first is through the control panel hosting. You need to find the phpMyAdmin. It lists the various databases. In this case, you need the one where Opencart is installed. At the top of the section is "Export". It is necessary to go to him and confirm the request. The file can be saved on your computer in any desired folder. The name of the document will correspond to the name of the database, the address ends in sql.

In the future the site will be restored using this document. Now you need another section, "Import". In the window that appears, bring the necessary file. It is important not to mix up the encoding: when working through Opencart, you use UTF-8. It remains to log in to the hosting, select the necessary files and save them in the archive.

The second way

Here the procedure goes through the built-in tools to create a backup in Opencart. On the left side of the admin panel there is a menu. You must sequentially click on the following keys:

  • tools;
  • select all;
  • save;
  • system;
  • backup.

After that the system will offer to save the selected files to your PC. Later you will be able to restore them by going to "Browse". You will need to select them again and save them.

Backing up files

The files are stored separately from the database and are very rarely threatened, but the safety net is not superfluous. Working through FTP is undesirable, as the procedure will be long and not necessarily successful.
It is better to copy them through the control panel, about the same as the database, but through another section - "File Manager". For a backup you need:

  • Find the "File Manager" on the hosting site.
  • Select the folders to be copied. Sometimes it is wise not to save pictures, because they weigh a lot.
  • Click on the "Bundle" button. It may have a different name, but it is still synonymous. Mostly it is located at the top of the page. Sometimes it opens with a right click on the menu.
  • Enter the name of the archive. You may have to choose between zip or tar. The second choice is preferable, since the folder is not compressed, and thus is packed faster. The difference in weight is insignificant.
  • Check the box that appears to show hidden files. Without it many important elements will not be copied.
Restoring a website on Opencart

When compression is complete, the archive will be moved to the folder. Restoring proceeds in the same way, you just need to find the "Unpack" section.

Restoring access to Opencart

If only the password is lost, it is enough to send a request to the administrator's email, follow the link and enter a new code. If the e-mail is also unknown, you will have to enter through the database. You need to name the pass.php file and enter the following text into it:

$md5 = md5("password«)
print $md5;

This document is downloaded to the root folder. Then you need to go to the link https://your_page_address.uk/pass.php. The base opens through phpMyAdmin. It is necessary to find a table with a name consisting of the database prefix and the prefix user. After opening it, you must replace the field with a password.

Monthly backups may not be enough, preferably a daily one. Backups should be periodically downloaded to your PC, because on the hosting they are stored for no more than 30 days. Frequent backups will allow the store to work without interruption.

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